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Wait. The 'Mile Low Club' is a Real Thing?

Where: Caribbean
February 6, 2014 at 3:07 PM | by | ()

At first, we thought the whole "Mile Low Club" thing was just a bunch of journalists looking for a sexy lead for their story about a luxury submarine excursion in the Caribbean.

Now, fresh off a visit to the Lovers Deep website, we see that the sex under the sea concept is not that of any news media -- it's actually the service this company is selling. That's right, this submarine operator wants to set you up to make a little motion in the ocean.

The sub, called Lovers Deep, meets guests at the Caribbean island of their choice and takes them on an overnight cruise around the tropical waters. It has been outfitted to resemble a luxury hotel suite with large windows and comes with a captain, butler, and chef. But the pristine marine life and the exclusive service aren't the only things driving the romance.

A look at the additional offerings quickly reveals that the people behind Lovers Deep really want you to rock the boat. There's the classic rose petals on the bed and Barry White on the stereo, but it's the special sex menu from the private chef that really perks us up: "To complete the luxury experience, a specialist aphrodisiac tasting menu has been developed to ensure that guests are in the mood to make full use of the Lovers Deep facilities, which could also include a two-person shower at the customer’s request."

What's on the menu? Oysters, caviar, and the always multipurpose chocolate fondant.

Assuming you aren't claustrophobic, joining the Mile Low Club seems like a pretty rocking night. But, because the price tag starts at about $285,000 for two people, it will unfortunately be an extremely exclusive club. For now, it looks like we'll have to stick to cramming our kicks into airplane bathrooms.

[Photos: Lovers Deep]

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