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You've Heard of Cat Cafes, but What About Puppy Cafes?

February 7, 2014 at 11:02 AM | by | ()

Cat Cafes are nothing new, but you'd think so with all the talk this week surrounding the rumors that Boston and San Francisco are locked in a race to open the USA's first such cafe full of felines. The Atlantic reported that while "Miaou Boston" and "KitTea San Francisco" have launched social media channels and filed approvals, neither has yet appeased authorities when it comes to allowing animals and food to peacefully coexist for commerce.

While we patiently wait for a resolution, Canada has however succeeded in making progress towards the debut of what will be the first cat cafe in North America: Café Chat l’Heureux in Montreal. The grand opening, which isn't excepted until this summer, will naturally be step one towards the cafe's goal to "facilitate the adoption of cats, promote the awareness of animal issues, and hopefully better the lives of customers with calming 'cat therapy.'"

Although these new openings help to bring the traditionally Japanese trend of cat cafes to nearer shores, travelers still need not fly all the way to Tokyo for a little quality time with a cute kitty; London has a cat cafe—Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium—which only opened less than a year ago after massive public support swayed authorities.

Going further afield, we personally recommend heading to Seoul, South Korea, which not only offers pussy places like Myeongdong Cat Cafe, but even caters to dog lovers with puppy play places.

Cafe Pawz in Gangnam is our favorite, and it functions much like a traditional cat cafe in that patrons order coffee drinks with an option to buy treats to feed the resident pooches, and then are welcome to sit or play with up to 15 different dogs at one time.

Seeing as how it's already taking forever for the US to get a cat cafe, how much longer do you think it'll be before we get hip to dog cafes as well? The answer, sadly, is probably unmeasurable, and that's what we have travel for—to visit these cool places on the other side of the world!

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