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Video Interlude: Take a Time-Lapse Look at WestJet's Disney 'Magic Plane'

Where: Canada
February 5, 2014 at 9:40 AM | by | ()

For those looking to visit Walt Disney World this year the best ride there might just be aboard WestJet. The carrier from Canada recently revealed its latest livery, and this thing is all magic and Mickey Mouse.

The custom paintjob on the Boeing 737-800 features Mickey in his Sorcerer Mickey role, along with plenty of other magic sprinkled over the outside and inside of the airplane. They’re calling it the Magic Plane, and we’ve got to say—we’d call it that too.

We let you take a look at the video above to check out the behind the scenes work that went into things, as well as the final reveal. Just so you know the two sides of the plane are mirror images of one another, but WestJet promises that there is one difference that’s for flyers to find.

In total it took 24 days to finish up, so we’ve got to think this is one of the most complicate airplane livery looks in recent memory. There were 36 different colors used to get things done, and apparently the painting crew munched on more than 150 doughnuts while getting the job completed.

For now the plane will be doing its thing in and around the WestJet network, so keep an eye out for the plane at an airport near you. If you’re lucky enough to grab a ride just be on the lookout for the special Disney character cookies that will be served high in the sky.

[Photo/Video: WestJet]

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