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South Korea is Spending $625 Million on an All-Robot Theme Park

Where: Korea
February 4, 2014 at 10:53 AM | by | ()

If your theme park calendar is getting pretty filled here at home during 2014—not a problem—as South Korea has something for you to add to your agenda in just a couple more years. The construction crews have yet to hit the scene, but it sounds like this latest park is going to be all about robots.

The new place will feature all things robot, as it does its best to work on the mechanical men and women into roller coasters, water parks, and even an aquarium—think robotic fish.

Things are scheduled to do their thing over in Incheon, and it sounds like it won’t just be all fun and games. Sticking with the robot theme there will even be some kind of research and development center to study robotics, as well as a school dedicated to such endeavors.

Things won’t be appearing until 2016, but we already know that things should set back organizers and builders around $625 million. Just be sure to bring some of your own cash, as it appears that you might even get a chance to build your own computerized critter as well.

[Photo/Rendering: Robot Land]

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