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Breaking Down the Wild Process of Obtaining a Visa to Visit Brazil

Where: Brazil
February 4, 2014 at 3:38 PM | by | ()

Without a doubt, Brazil is cool. Many elements combine to make it so; Brazil is fortunate to have some of the world's best beaches, liveliest music, sexiest people, most exotic flora and fauna, and tastiest food. Still, there is one bit about Brazil that's not so cool: going through the process of obtaining the visa necessary for US citizens to visit.

It's our own fault, really. Brazil is only doing to us what we do to their citizens wanting to visit the US; it's called reciprocity. Still, the Brazilian visa process is necessary evil of traveling to this beautiful country, and since we just sweated through it ourselves, we thought we'd break it down into simple steps.

Note that spectators, staff and volunteers for the 2014 FIFA World Cup have abbreviated visa requirements for what is a free "temporary special visa" with 90 days validity. If you're heading to the World Cup and think you'll return to Brazil at some point, then opt for the regular tourist visa, which comes with ten years of validity but costs $160-$180.

* Instructions and links below are intended for one regular adult tourist of US citizenship, holding a US passport.


· Book your flights. Yes, you'll need a confirmed flight itinerary before you can receive your Brazil visa.
· Read the updates on your nearest Brazilian consulate's webpage. Google can help you find it, or here's New York's and here's Los Angeles', for a start.
· Complete the online visa request form and print the auto-generated receipt page ("Recibo De Entrega De Requerimento").
· Get your photo taken at an official passport photo dealer, such as FedEx/Kinkos

Then, Have This:

· 1 printed receipt of online submitted visa application ("Recibo De Entrega De Requerimento"). With your signature in ink within the box and a trusted contact name and phone number on the lines below.
· 1 real 2" x 2" passport photo (not printed from a computer). Glue it into the printed visa receipt sheet in the photo box.
· 1 US Post Office Money Order for $160 if appearing in person at the consulate, or $180 if submitting via mail or a third party
· 1 printed copy of your confirmed, detailed roundtrip flight itinerary to Brazil
· 1 US passport with at least 6 months validity and a completely blank page
· 1 Backup form of official identification, such as a drivers license. (not submitted, only shown)
· (optional) 1 printed letter from a tour operator or contact within Brazil that corroborates your plans


· Make your consular appointment to submit your application or, if your consulate allows walk-ins, drop by during visa submission hours or, mail it all in.
· Return on the date specified by your consulate to pick up your passport with Brazil visa.

Got it? Good! Just remember to submit your passport and documents for the visa over two weeks before travel, because there are no expedite options and you won't catch Brazilians working overtime because you've been lazy.

See you in Rio!

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