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United Decides That Cleveland Doesn't Rock, After All

February 3, 2014 at 9:41 AM | by | ()

When two airlines love each other very much and decide to merge there’s plenty of celebration, but at the same time there is often loss and sadness. That’s the case over at United, as after shacking up with Continental a couple of years ago—it’s time to revaluate things.

United is getting rid of their hub over in Cleveland, as apparently plenty of flights in and out of the airport are just no longer part of the bigger picture. With hubs in plenty of including spots like Chicago, Washington, and Houston, it sounds like there’s just not the need to have planes and people hanging out at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Over the weekend the head honcho at United—Jeff Smisek—sent a note out to employees notifying them of the bad news. It sounds like the hub has hardly been bringing in the cash, and things will start winding down as soon as April. Daily departures from Cleveland will drop by roughly 60 percent. Most of the flights heading elsewhere are the regional jet options heading to and through the airport, as all but one of their mainline flights will remain.

The dismantling of the flight schedule should be finalized around June of this year, and when it’s all said and done United will still offer a decent number of flights from Cleveland with around 20 destinations scoring nonstop options.

We guess this is just part of the business, but we wish the best to those who have enjoyed a connection through the airport.

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