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This is the Worst Airport Outfit of All Time

February 3, 2014 at 11:52 AM | by | ()

So, a couple months ago while walking down Oxford Street in Sydney, our attention was momentarily grabbed by a store sporting nothing but onesies in the window. Surely there had to be more to their retail concept? But no, it was, in fact, "One Piece," a brand and entire worldwide chain of stores dedicated to bundling up the adult population like nappy-wearing infants. We only hoped we'd never witness onesies supplant Juicy Couture track pants as a trend in airplane attire.

Turns out we're hoping against hope, since a girl of questionable fame was recently caught by the paparazzi at London-Heathrow emerging from baggage claim in what is simultaneously the world's most comfortable and least appropriate travel outfit. And it's not the first time; she—Perrie Edwards of UK girl group "Little Mix" and fiancé of one of the One Direction boys—pulled a similar look at Glasgow Airport.

Why comfortable? It gets points for being 100% cotton, having a hood for necessary privacy during drooling-during-airplane-sleep time, and it is loose enough not to restrict circulation.

Why inappropriate? Talk about being a walking strip-search! How many drugs/exotic reptiles can you smuggle in that thing? Also, we're guessing that Edwards was flying in Business Class or better and this is pretty much the opposite of recommended attire for a premium class, not to mention the awkwardness of attempting any sort of lavatory break.

Even the commenters on Go Fug Yourself are incredulous: "I don’t understand how anyone could fly in that outfit. Why would you ever make going to the bathroom on an airplane HARDER for yourself?"

Would you wear a onesie on a long-haul flight? Is it easier for celebrities to get away with sloppy travel attire? Discuss!

[Photo: WENN/gofugyourself]

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