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Where to See Baby Lions While the DC Zoo's Webcam is Offline

February 28, 2014 at 5:58 PM | by | ()

Zookeepers at Washington DC's National Zoo, which literally shares a driveway with Jaunted's DC headquarters, have been doing their best to keep the public informed about the pair of baby lions born in late January to mother Nababiep. Medical exams of the cubs have revealed that they are "adorable" - that's an actual quote - and for the first few weeks fans from around the world could track the infants on the zoo's lion cam.

Recently, however, the lion cam feeds have gone dark in anticipation of another impending litter, this time to Nababiep's sister Shera. There's a more robust explanation of where each lioness hangs out, and how that influenced the decision to cut the feeds, here. But the short story is that - for now - the Internet has one less place with baby lions.

Whatever are people to do?

We're going to make a tepid suggestion, and please bear with us, but maybe travelers can go to an actual zoo and look at actual baby lions, that are actually physically present.

There are all kinds of AZA-accredited zoos all over the country with lion cubs who just went on exhibit. Both the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson have infants around their exhibits, and we've embedded videos below to entice you to go forth and visit them. Meanwhile the Oregon Zoo is in the process of baby-proofing its space in anticipation of letting its own litter into the sunshine on a regular basis (zookeepers have to among other things drain the moat, because babies are stupid). Video of what that looks like is also embedded below.

And yes of course we keep track of these things with Google Alerts. Doesn't everybody?

[Photo: Maryland Zoo / YouTube]

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