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As 'Non-Stop' Hits Theaters, Here are Three More Movies to Avoid Before Flying

February 28, 2014 at 4:57 PM | by | ()

It hasn't been a good month for travelers with a fear of flying.

First there were the threats to planes flying into Russia for the Olympics, followed by the hijacking an Ethiopian Airlines flight, and this weekend the airborne thriller Non-Stop is hitting theaters.

Liam Neeson stars in the movie as U.S. federal air marshal Bill Marks who receives a series of threatening text messages on a routine flight from New York City to London. The texts warn him that a passenger will be killed every 20 minutes unless $150 million is transferred into the hijacker's bank account.

Liam's co-star, Julianne Moore, recently explained why the movie is so scary. “All of these kind of thrillers and horror movies, anything that’s supposed to give you that kind of scare; they’re all based on whatever our natural worries are. You take them and exaggerate them. Is it a ghost? Is it the devil? I’m very scared of the devil! In this case, you take something that is routine and play on that fear. When you get on an airplane, you’re giving up some control.”

Since flying does play into our natural fears, this isn't the first thriller to use a plane as its backdrop. Here are three more movies to skip if you're already a nervous flyer.

Alive might be the most horrifying flight-gone-wrong movie of all time simply because it is based on a true story. The movie depicts follows the Uruguayan rugby team that was forced to become cannibals after a terrible plane crash in the Andes Mountains.

Flight stars Denzel Washington as a pilot with a drinking problem. Even though most of the movie doesn't actually take place on a plane, it has made many flyers take a closer look at their pilot as they board even the most routine flight.

Snakes On a Plane is, of course, completely unrealistic but it's hard not to wonder what could be lurking in those overhead compartments after watching it.

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