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Why One Canadian Theme Park is Psyched to Play with Lasers

Where: Canada
February 27, 2014 at 11:35 AM | by | ()

There’s some goodies heading to Canada this theme park season, as one of the country’s best park’s—Canada's Wonderland—is adding a brand new attraction just in time for the warm weather. It’s not exactly a roller coaster, but at the same time it kind of is one too.

Things are set to open for the first time around the beginning of May, as the park cuts the ribbon on its $10-million investment in fun and entertainment. Known as Wonder Mountain’s Guardian, the new slice of theme park awesomeness will feature a 60-foot coaster hill to enter the dark ride environment.

Once inside the ride there are twists, turns, and a 3D movie, and it all takes place while you blast and zap bad guys with your laser gun thing. This is one to ride again and again, as you’ll certainly be comparing scores with your friends—the loser buys the chicken fingers.

The only thing that remains a surprise is the ending of the ride, as we’re not sure if the finale will include a little more roller coaster action. We can only hope that the characters in the ride get angry one last time, and send riders upside down and backwards—only time will tell.

If you’re interested in checking things out this season do note that the park kicks off its season along with this new adventure on May 4, and single day tickets will set you back roughly $40—in Canadian Dollars—if ordered in advance. With plenty of coasters and other amusement park attractions, this might just be one the best theme park deals in North America.

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