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FlightCar Targets Business Travelers with Higher Rental Rates

February 26, 2014 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Weíve talked about FlightCar before, and in case you donít rememberówe will fill you in. Basically itís a car sharing program over at the long-term rental car parking lot. When you drop your car off itís paired up with someone looking for a car. The renter gets a better deal by borrowing your car, and you get a better deal because you make some money instead of paying for parking. Itís all licensed, insured, and what not, as they realize that there needs to be some guarantees and promises to get everyone comfortable with things.

Right now FlightCar is an option at airports in Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, but what we wanted to share is how theyíre changing things up for business travelers. The company isnít just interested in the leisure market, as theyíre now trying to get road warriors interested in their services.

FlightCar is now offering the chance to score some bucks for your business travel. They figure that parking charges are usually just expensed anyway, so now FlightCar is charging $15 per day to park in their lots. To make things worthwhile they will offer up triple the cash for those willing to rent their cars, as FlightCar will pay $0.50 cash per mile when someoneís car is rented. Free car washes before you collect your car and black-car service to and from the terminal are just a couple of the other perks.

Sure we think itís a decent idea for those with the need to head out of town and score a parking spot. We love the idea of scoring 50 cents per mile, but letís just hope the expense department doesnít catch on regarding this scheme. For some reason we could see them frowning on the fact that company gets to pay for parking while the employee gets to score some cash.

[Photo: via SF Examiner]

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