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Thai Airways Takes Long-Haul WiFi Onboard A380s

Where: Thailand
February 25, 2014 at 9:27 AM | by | ()

Even with all the bells, whistles, and other accessories to check out aboard an Airbus A380 there’s always the chance for a little bit of boredom—especially on a long-haul flight. Thankfully Thai Airways is aware of our limited attention span, and they just flipped the switch on their in-flight connectivity.

In-flight WiFi is now an option on some of the carrier’s long distance journeys, as their A380 fleet is now equipped with the ability to access the internet in all its social media glory. Joining the A380s with the new technology are also some of the carrier’s A330 fleet, as the necessary bits and pieces needed for this kind of connectivity should be good-to-go on these planes as well.

Just be sure to pack a credit card or two, as the ability to access the latest in Instagram photos and Facebook postings will cost you. The carrier’s Sky Connect service—thanks to the folks over at OnAir—will set you back $4.50 for just 3MB of data from your smartphone. If you really need to send that PowerPoint as an attachment it will be $14.50 for those needing up to 10MB of bandwidth.

Accessing things with your computer starts at $14.50—again for 10MB—but things are almost doubled up to $28.50 for 20MB. It sounds like streaming Netflix isn’t exactly going to be an option; however, we’re certainly not complaining about the ability to stay connected over an ocean at 35,000-feet.

[Photo: Luccio.errera]

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