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Disney Parks Hike Ticket Prices, Making One Day for One Person Nearly $100

February 25, 2014 at 10:46 AM | by | ()

Mickey Mouse must have a boat payment due or something, as he’s looking to raise a little more cash at his theme parks down in Florida. Walt Disney World just announced that they’re upping the admission cost to its theme parks, and the price increase is effective pretty much immediately. So if you’re been saving up for that trip to visit the Magic Kingdom—you might need to save a little bit more.

It’s pretty much an annual expectation at this point, but it always seems to sneak up on those with Disney plans on the horizon. This time all four parks are going up in cost by $4 per day, and it’s the Magic Kingdom leading them all. It will now set back one visitor $99 to check things out for the day, and when tax is added onto things that’s $105.44. Of course Disney wants you to stay longer than one-day, and the tickets for multi-day visits work out to be a better value. However, it’s a little scary that the cost of doing business with Mickey has now gone over that $100 mark.

At the other parks like Epcot, Animal Kingdom Park, and Hollywood Studios things will now set you back $94 per day. Again tax needs to be added to things, and that ups the price to $100.11. For those looking to check the bad news out in more detail head right here, as Disney has an interactive form to help you buy and price out your tickets and other theme park needs.

We guess we’ll just sit back and accept that things are now pricier than ever, and we’ll wait and see what Universal Studios has in store. They’re just down the street and all that Harry Potter stuff doesn’t come cheap!

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