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Which of the Six Pieces of 'New California' Will You Visit?

February 24, 2014 at 11:14 AM | by | ()

If we had to go and pick a favorite state then California would be close to the top. However, it looks like we might have a bit more difficulty picking a winner, as now there’s a plan to split up the Golden State into a few smaller nuggets.

There’s all kind of political implications, thoughts, and opinions surrounding the idea, but instead of taking sides or discussing the feasibility of the idea—we just kind of want to point out that this has become a thing. Basically a venture capitalist thinks that state is too big, and that by splitting things up into smaller states there would be more effective government and management of the new geographic units.

The plan calls for six new bits and pieces of the original California, and the dividing lines would be drawn based on regional boundaries and identities. Silicon Valley would become its very own entity—we wonder what their flag would look like. Los Angeles would join up with the cities of Santa Barbara and Ventura and that new area would be known as West California. The state’s agriculture center would break off as Central California, and San Diego would be the anchor of South California. We just want to know who is going to get to keep Disneyland!

Signatures are being collected and the idea is being discussed; however, we have to think this is unlikely to move off the drawing board. We are hardly government-ologists, but we do know that Congress needs to give its blessing to adding new states and changing old ones. So a simple vote and some new state names cant just change things overnight.

For now we’ll continue to enjoy California just the way it is, but we’ll keep our eye on West California—that might just become our favorite.

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