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Why 20,000 Well-Dressed Guests Took Over Disneyland for 'Dapper Day'

February 24, 2014 at 4:58 PM | by | ()

For lovers of fashion, history, and a bit of good fun, there are plenty of "throwback" events in the year's social calendar. These primarily happen on the east coast—for example there are vintage baseball games and NYC's summer-favorite Jazz Age Lawn Party—but sometimes the west coast gets in on the retro fun as well.

Case in point: Dapper Day at Disneyland. The event began in 2011, with a few hundred amusement park-goers donning their best vintage duds to enjoy Disneyland the way Walt Disney envisioned it: with families dressed in suits and skirts instead of fanny packs and cargo shorts. Now, Dapper Day attracts around 20,000 (the "dapper" folk nearly outnumber regular visitors) in the one day, and it's spread to include the Disney parks in Orlando and Paris.

Officially, the event "celebrates all eras of sophisticated dressing and timeless style from yesterday to today." To encourage dressing up, the event organizers even hold a Dapper Day Eve cocktail party and vintage market, with outfits and accessories for last-minute planners.

Since so many travel from far and wide for Dapper Day, the event qualifies for convention discounts for park admission, with tickets starting from $59.

The first Dapper Day of 2014 may have just wrapped up (photos below!), but there are plenty more to come...

Dapper Day dates for 2014:
February 22-23: Disneyland Anaheim
March 9: Walt Disney World Orlando Magic Kingdom
September 12: Disneyland Anaheim
September 20: Disneyland Paris
September 27: Walt Disney World Orlando Hollywood Studios

Unrelated, but still cool: Tiki Day at Disneyland is usually around the end of September, but exact dates haven't yet been announced for 2014.

For more info, check out the official Dapper Day website.

Above: Enjoying the ride on the bow of the paddle wheeler, "Mark Twain"

Above: Guests leaving the paddle wheeler is like its own little runway show

Above: A Dapper group squeezes into the Mad Hatter's teacup ride

Above: After the sun goes down, the dapper line up to ride the classic King Arthur carousel in Fantasyland

Above: A fashion illustrator sketches a dapper guest at the Dapper Day Eve cocktail party

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher]

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