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Take a Nap in a Snap with Vancouver Airport's New Pay Lounge

February 20, 2014 at 11:03 AM | by | ()

We are suckers for a good airline lounge, as after all nothing is more enjoyable than a few free drinks, a bite to eat, and somewhere decent to sit before our flight. Okay—there are probably better ways to spend our time than at an airline lounge, but we still do get a kick when we have the chance to check them out.

As you probably know access to these lairs of airport solitude are often limited to frequent flyers or those in the upper class cabins, so it’s hardly a warm welcome to one and all. Thankfully the latest lounge over in Vancouver is a little bit different, as the Plaza Premium Lounge at the Vancouver International Airport is open to one and all. However, that assumes that you’re willing to pay for the pleasure to visit.

The lounge is located within the airport’s international departures area, and it offers both spots to take a nap as well as the chance to take a nice hot shower. Technically this is a renovation of an existing spot, but after five months and $2 million in improvements—it’s kind of like a whole new place. In total there are three nap rooms from which to choose and a pair of showers, so with a little patience and planning you should have time to easily enjoy both amenities.

In total the place is 6,700 square-feet and size, and that gives it the title of the largest lounge of its kind in Canada. As for a visit things seem to range by the hour, as you can expect to pay $35 for two hours and up to $100 for six hours—thankfully that does include food and beverages.

Finally just note that taking a nap is going to cost you a little bit extra cash, as the nap rooms are going for $60 for three hours and $100 for six hours.

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