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Aussie Slang 101: The 21 Words to Know for a Trip Down Under

Where: Australia
February 24, 2014 at 1:06 PM | by | ()

If you've been lucky enough to head Down Under, you know well that Australia most definitely speaks their own version of English. You've also likely found that the Aussie lexicon contains an innumerable variety of slang terms used on an everyday basis. For tourists or any sort of non-local, however, these terms may take some repeating and explaining.

For those of you who've not yet taken that long flight down to Oz, allow us to highlight some of our favorite colloquialisms. And, even if you're a regular to the continent, you might pick up a few new sayings to throw out during dinner with new Aussie friends.


- afternoon (Use: "See you this arvo for lunch!")


- bottle shop, liquor store


- breakfast


- usually an inexpensive bottle of wine without a label; can also refer to unbranded cattle

dead horse

- ketchup


- Igloo cooler

fair dinkum

- to proclaim a fact or truth in a statement in such a manner. (Use: "Fair dinkum, the flight from Australia to the US is a long one.")


- hello


- casual good-bye

it's gone walkabout

- when something goes missing or can't be found. (Use: "I don't know where my sunnies are; they've gone walkabout.)


- great, fantastic (Use: "That was a ripper party!")


- sandwich

she'll be right/she'll be apples

- It'll turn out okay


- to have a look (Use: "We went shopping and had a squizz around.")


- exclamation, mild oath (Use: "Strewth! That Chris is a good bloke!")


- a small bottle of beer

tall poppy syndrome

- a tendency to think ill of or criticize people simply because they are successful


- dinner


- flip-flops


- pick-up truck, literally a shortening of "utility."

woop woop

- made-up name for a small, unimportant town away in the middle of nowhere. (Use: "He lives way out in woop woop. I'm not driving that far!")

Now that you have all of this down pat, understand that there are so many more idioms and words that we've hardly scratched the surface. If someone says to you, "grab your esky and thongs, hop in the ute because we're going to the beach for a barbie", now you won't look like a stunned mullet.

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