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The Staten Island Zoo Would Like to Show You Its New Baby Anteater

February 20, 2014 at 4:37 PM | by | ()

We usually save our zoo travel posts for the summer, when people are more likely to take important zoo-attending steps like opening their doors, leaving their homes, and so on. It just seems like a more reliable way to align our content with things that might interest you, our readers.

But the Staten Island Zoo has been Facebooking up a storm this week - see here and here and here - with pictures and stories about their new baby Tamandua. They've even put up a video on Instagram, which we've embedded below. Those posts seem very, very, very popular, and so who are we to argue about what is and is not seasonally-appropriate content?

The little anteater was born on January 12 to mom DJ and father EJ. He's named MJ, because while the Staten Island Zoo people seem to have a good sense of how to execute on social media, they're apparently less creative when it comes to how letters fit together.

ZooBorns did its own post with a bunch of pictures and lots more information. It turns out that Tamanduas are found in "Central and South America west of the Andes," that they live largely alone, that they're most active at night, and that they spend a good chunk of their time in trees snacking on ants and termites. They're also self-evidently very cute. There's even a full ZooBorns photo gallery documenting said cuteness here

Entrance to the Staten Island Zoo is $8 and the hours are here. There's going to be a brief lull in below-freezing temperatures early next week. Why not leave the house?

[Photo: ZooBorns / Facebook]

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