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There is a Dream to Update the Abandoned Metro Stations of Paris

Where: Paris, France
February 19, 2014 at 11:12 AM | by | ()

Things are still every much on the drawing board, but we couldn’t be more in favor with the plans for some of the forgotten metro stations over in Paris. For one reason or another some of these stations haven’t been doing the public transportation thing for quite some time, and now one group is looking to upgrade and update things into a little bit of an urban oasis.

As part of the city’s current race for mayor, one candidate is proposing new ideas to utilize some long forgotten bits and pieces of city real estate. She envisions swimming pools, nightclubs, and art installations, as the city would bring these deserted spots across the city back to life—and better than ever.

Oxo Architectes and Laisné Architecte are the two groups behind the drawings, renderings, and artistic interpretations of what could come to be. Right now it seems that the Arsenal station seems to be one of the favorites for a renovation, but all in all there’s around 16 that are on the wish list.

Unfortunately it sounds like this political dreamer isn’t really one of the top candidates according to the latest polls, so we can’t really guarantee that you’ll be stepping underground to enjoy dinner in a metro station brasserie anytime soon.

Until then you’ll just have to settle for grabbing a baguette and some cheese and eating on the platform awaiting the arrival of the next train.

[Photo: CNN via Oxo Architectes / Laisné Architecte]

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