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New Airline Alert: Florida Express Jet May Get a Move On in March

February 18, 2014 at 12:39 PM | by | ()

Pack your bags and get some tickets, as there’s a new airline taking to the skies high above the Sunshine State. This one kind of snuck up on is, but apparently Florida Express Jet is doing its thing as soon as next month. The plan is to fly in and around Florida—no crossing state lines here—with things taking off on March 20.

Nonstop flights are already for sale, and that includes options between Orlando and spots like Fort Lauderdale and Tallahassee. Fares can be had for as little as $69, as the airline questions why you would drive when you could fly.

Technically the new airline is actually Swift Air in disguise. Swift Air does its thing with Boeing 737-400s, and they usually do sports team charter flights to here and there. However, now they will be taking paying passengers up in the air from one spot in Florida to another.

A snazzy livery, blue leather seating surfaces, and free WiFi for one and all are just some of the carrier’s initial claims and promises—we shall see. Even though they have yet to taxi down the runway for the first time they’re even looking to expand, as spots like Jacksonville, Key West, Miami, and Tampa are being offered up as options for later this year.

We’re kind of a little skeptical about seeing where this airline heads in the near future, but we’ll set a reminder for March 20—we’ll let you know!

[Photo: Florida Express Jet via USA Today]

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