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Watch an Emirates 777 Strip Down and Suit Up

February 18, 2014 at 7:42 AM | by | ()

There’s no new livery to be had here, but we can't help and sit back for a couple of minutes and enjoy the time-lapse distraction from the folks over at Emirates. It’s hard running an airline with all the planes and paint, and every once in a while one needs to strip things down and throw on a fresh coat—got to keep things looking good.

In the embedded video above Emirates shows off what it takes to clean a Boeing 777-300 down to bare metal, and then to bring things back to airport ready condition. Repainting an airplane to keep things looking professional is just part of the airline business, but when you speed things up into a quick little video it becomes that much more interesting.

With over 200 different planes doing their thing high in the sky, this one plane is just a piece of the mainline maintenance puzzle. Last year alone the carrier updated and refreshed things on 21 different airplanes, and honestly we’d watch the time-lapse of each and every one of them.

[Photo/Video: Emirates]

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