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Oh Geez, Google Glass is Already Going Into Airport Lounges

February 18, 2014 at 2:02 PM | by | ()

The next time you are pre-departure wining and dining at Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class Lounge in Heathrow, keep an eye out for staff sporting Google Glass. Since we know that there's nothing fashionable as yet about Google Glass other than its rarity, Virgin Atlantic is dispatching the fresh tech for its functionality.

For the next six weeks, the airline will be providing a seamless customer service experience with the help of Glass. Lounge staff will have the ability to give passengers flight information, weather at their destination, and even translate foreign languages on the go. Of course all that can come from a simple Google Search, but Glass has the cool aspect to it. Eventually, Google Glass would even be able to inform staff of a returning guest's dining preferences or favorite drinks, providing a personalized experience.

Virgin Atlantic will be the first airline to use the wearable technology in customer-facing positions, and this pilot program may make or break the success of the tool for airlines. On the flip side, if all goes well, the technology will be rolled out to additional Virgin Clubhouses across the network.

Note that this program is happening completely on the ground. Eventually, perhaps, there is the chance that Virgin Atlantic staff could bring Glass onboard and, with WiFi, use it in-flight to deliver information about flight disruptions, pre-ordered meals, and frequent flyer data. We think it would be great to enhance customer service by reducing stress of flying, but we're not sure this will take off. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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