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Five Years Later, It's Still Okay for Airlines to Break Guitars

February 17, 2014 at 9:29 AM | by | ()

Remember way back when United Airlines broke that musician’s guitar? Well somehow that was in the way distant past of 2009, and now it’s 2014 and we’re still dealing with how musical instruments, airlines, and airplanes can all get along. At one point it looked like Uncle Sam would take a look at the rules and regulations, but unfortunately it does not appear that there’s been any resolution.

The plan was for the Transportation Department to jot down some notes and whatnot regarding how airlines should help out those looking to travel with their violins, guitars, pianos, kazoos, and whatever else is needed for a traveling musician. Things were due late last week; however, the agency kind of dropped the ball. Nothing has been written or updated, and it sounds like the agency feels that it does not even have enough cash to do the needed work.

New rules were supposed to make it kind of the law that airlines would have to allow instruments in closets and overhead bins when and where they fit. Additionally, it would be cool for flyers to buy seats for oversized instruments—assuming they weigh less than like 165 pounds.

For now things will just remain in limbo for the foreseeable future, and if you’re traveling with your instrument we wish the best of luck to you and your gear. Congress is less than pleased with the delay, but for now it seems like this will just be simmering on the back burner.

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Easy Solution

If people are really that worried about their musical instruments and are going to have to check them and pay a $100 bag fee anyway, why would you not just FedEx it? It's cheaper and you can buy insurance if your instrument is really that valuable to you. How is this still a story? Are people that oblivious to companies like UPS and FedEx?