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The Little Things: Emirates' First Class Almond-Stuffed Dates

February 14, 2014 at 2:33 PM | by | ()

In the midst of the bustle of travel, it's all too easy to overlook the details. We're talking about special touches others have stressed over just so you can enjoy a unique experience, whether you know it or not. Every so often we'll highlight The Little Things like this, so now you will know.

The Little Thing: Emirates' First Class bite, Bateel figs stuffed with almonds.

Emirates, which is known to be über-luxurious on the ground as much as it is in the air, presents guests with a little treat before flying: a wooden box filled with Khidri dates from the prestigious Bateel gourmet confectionery of the U.A.E. Dates are considered a perfect after dinner desert to top off a delicious feast and Bateel is known to have some of the best.

Not only are guests in the lounges treated with a box on each counter, but First Class passengers onboard flights are offered a plate of these delicious fruits as a pre-arrival snack. Similar to a piece of chocolate prior to landing, the figs are a sweet end to a sumptuous flight experience and keep your belly from grumbling through immigration.

How we came to discover this: After sampling a few dates, we knew these were special and Googled the name on the wooden box. Much to our surprise, we found it to be the grower of the dates and even realized we were nibbling on some pretty pricey dried fruit.

How to get your hands on it: To score these little nuggets without buying a plane ticket, you can head to the sweet-maker's website and shop until your heart's content, or until your credit card limit is reached, whichever comes first.

A box of the same almond-stuffed dates we found in the lounge can fetch around $42 and comes with different fillings or just plain. If you're a little reluctant to purchase them via online shopping, you'll need to head to any of the Bateel boutiques in the Middle East, Morocco and Central Asia; a little closer to home, London just got their first Bateel stores at Harrod's and on Bond Street.

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