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Key West Attempts to Resurrect 'Spring Break Court' of the 1990s

February 12, 2014 at 9:43 AM | by | ()

Nothing says Spring Break shenanigans like a trip to court, and that’s why one spot in Florida is getting ready for a special kind of justice in time for the holiday. As you probably can guess things can get a little wild, as college kids from around the nation gather to let off some steam. That’s why Key West is ready for their visitors, and that includes those that may or may not follow all of the rules.

In Key West they’re cracking down on drinking—we’re thinking especially underage drinking—in and around public beaches, and there’s even an initiative to bring something back they call Spring Break Court. Unfortunately this isn’t a reality show of any kind. Although we call the rights to it right now.

The town ran something like this in the nineties and into the first part of the current century, and now it appears as if it may return in time for 2014. The thought behind it is to give troublemakers the chance to miss out on further trouble—and more court—by paying fines and completing community service. In the past fines have been around $40, and a lot the service involved picking up trash in and around town. We can only guess that means a lot of beer cans and beer bottles.

The program was actually discontinued because people were behaving, and there was less and less use of fake IDs, using the street as a toilet, and underage drinking. We guess they expect this year to be a little more fun than usual—so just note that you’ve been warned it keep it classy if you’re visiting Key West.

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