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Travel Songs: Our Contributors Reveal the Tunes They Like to Hum Along the Way

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We've done our fair share of advocating for the inspiration we find in movies that portray travel, but what about the tunes we hum along the way? Considering that music is such a large part of enhancing (and passing) time on the road, this contributor thinks it's fair to say that music, not movies, is the most prominent form of travel inspiration when it comes to the arts.

Many lists have been made of the "best" travel songs, but we looked no further than our own personal databases for this one. Below, each member of our team tells about their favorite song -- complete with the embeded video so you can rock out as you read. Feel free to leave any favorites of your own in the comments below, or post it to our Facebook page.

Lemon Jelly: Ramblin' Man

Wake: When I hear the man in this song spouting off the countries, the memories come back of all the places I've been lucky enough to visit, and then I think of all the work I still have left to do.

Jo Dee Messina: Heads Carolina, Tails California

Juliana: There's a line in the song that says, "we can drive for a day and then we'll take a look at the map." Given that everything in my life is so scheduled with kids and work, the idea of being able to just go wherever is very enticing. It will never happen of course, but I like to imagine it could. #momdreams

Louis Jordan: Choo Choo Ch'boogie

Cynthia: A song about riding trains and the hobo lifestyle. When Iím doing a lot of travel and itís time to hit the road yet again, Iím whistling this.

Frank Sinatra: Come Fly With Me

Rayme: Who doesn't love Sinatra? It makes me think of the Golden Age of travel when people would dress to travel and Chateaubriand was carved up on the meal carts with "exotic booze." Here's to Bombay and Acapulco!

CCR: Born on the Bayou

Omri: The essence of an American summer travel song, this jam makes you want to go camping somewhere vaguely humid near a river or lake.

Golden Earring: Radar Love

Kyle: To me, the song just sounds like a road trip. The beat, the sound, and all the rest seem to be about getting up and going. I guess there's something about love in there, but I am always terrible with lyrics.

Ryan Adams: Oh My Sweet Carolina

Christine: Around the time this record came out a friend and I took an epic road trip through Kentucky and Tennessee, it was the best, and for a long time after that every time I heard this song with the lyric "I miss Kentucky" it really did make me miss our amazing time there.

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