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The Two Products Every Traveler Needs in a Toiletry Kit During Winter Weather

February 13, 2014 at 10:40 AM | by | ()

This winter has been a rough one for the northern hemisphere, with harsh winter conditions in the US and the dreariest of rainy seasons in Europe. Unfortunately the winter isn't over yet, so we're here to drop one big tip that's been a huge help to us as we travel during less than lovely weather: take care of your lips.

Frequent flying and the stress of switching time zones means lots of moisturizing to keep skin fresh and hydrated. It's just that we often overlook the importance of lips. Male or female, it doesn't matter. You need to have these two products in your toiletry kit:

· Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh: $22.50 at fresh.com
You know when your lips crack on a flight or get that gross film towards the corners of your mouth? A teensy weeny dab of this sugar scrub exfoliates all that away.

It's not the cheapest thing ($22.50 for 0.6oz), but we bought one at Sephora 8 months ago and, after using a dab once every few days, we still have half yet to go. A new jar is actually on our own Xmas list right now.

· Tuberose Lip Heal by Aesop: $30, but out of stock on Aesop.com. Head to an Aesop store in Australia, NYC, SF, or LA.
Unlike chapstick or lip balm which coats your lips and easily rubs off, Aesop's Lip Heal is instead a serum nearly instantaneously absorbed by your lips. The roll-on applicator doesn't grease up your fingertips, and your lips feel nourished right away.

Plus, the aroma is of botanicals, so no girly berry scents or vaseline greasiness to worry about.

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