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Why Indianapolis Airport Won't Be Hanging Their Newest Bought and Paid For Artwork

February 11, 2014 at 10:34 AM | by | ()

A weird fight has been happening at Indianapolis International Airport lately, over the possibly installation of art glorifying Justin Bieber and his super popular follower tagline, Belieber. See—we promised it was weird.

The whole story began when airport officials wanted to brighten up their walls with some trendy art and so called upon home-grown artist, Tre Reising, to conjure up a piece which would encourage interaction. Reising then proposed a colorful piece made up of the hashtag #Belieb, originally intended for flyers to snap their photo with the art and upload it to their favorite social media. Seems like a win-win for the airport and the artist. Not exactly.

The director of the airport has asked for the art to be rejected, citing the "family atmosphere of the airport" and the obvious fact that the airport would look like they're "endorsing perhaps this (Justin's) type of behavior."

The artist originally wanted to use the hashtag art as a social experiment and as a comment about the "cultural phenomenon" that is Justin Bieber, which sounds like he is perpetrating the phenomenon he seeks to also question. The airport will still pay Reising for his time and the cost of making the installation, but it was decided that the #Belieb shouldn't make an appearance at the airport after all.

Any other airports interested in the paid-for piece of "art?" Someone has to have a dreary corridor somewhere desperately in need of anything. LaGuardia, we're talking to you.

[Screenshot: Fox59 Indianapolis]

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