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KLM's 130 Social Media Agents Will Now Happily Book That Flight for You

February 12, 2014 at 2:30 PM | by | ()

We've said it before and we'll say it again now: KLM consistently kills it on Facebook. Even beyond Facebook, the airline does stupendously across the board with social media, and it's no wonder considering they employ 130 social media "agents" to answer the approximately 35,000 interactions on Facebook and Twitter every week.

With so much online action, KLM is now set to up their game by accepting payments via Facebook and Twitter, for everything from flight bookings and seat reservations to flight changes and extra baggage.

How it works:

KLM sends a link to the customer in a private message on Facebook or Twitter. The customer can then select their preferred method of payment and complete the transaction. The social media service agent at KLM then receives a message to say that payment has been received and the customer in turn receives confirmation of the payment.

Now doesn't that sound infinitely easier (not to mention simpler) than calling up a phone agent, explaining the situation after you've already explained it to a social media agent, and going through the payment process over the phone? How much longer until other major airlines adopt this technology as well?

As it stands now, you don't even have to leave their Facebook page to search and buy a flight. Someday this could be the norm.

Still, we wouldn't mind being able to tweet to see if there's a paid upgrade available without having to deal with airport agents, especially now that KLM has introduced that snazzy new World Business Class!

[Photo: KLM on Facebook]

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