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Shred Bro! Here's a Pair of Skis You Won't See in Sochi

February 11, 2014 at 3:29 PM | by | ()

Those crazy Coloradans are up to it again!

We gave you the scoop on how to buy pot legally in Colorado, and although smoking marijuana isn't technically allowed on the slopes, you can now showcase your bro-tastic apres habit thanks to the new "Juicy Fruit" design from Folsom Custom Skis out of Denver.

Why is a pot-graphic ski called "Juicy Fruit?" Because it's one of the aforementioned wacky names that are given to strains of the sticky. If you smoke enough, it starts to make sense... trust us.

Our only complaint is that these things weren't available when pot wasn't legal. At least then, before the shops opened, we would have known who to buy from and could have avoided the street corner.

[Screengrab: Jaunted via Folsom Custom Skis]

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