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Nude Resorts: Are They Really As Fun As They Sound?

February 11, 2014 at 11:19 AM | by | ()

According to the American Association of Nude Recreation (which apparently exists), many of the mental cues that tie us to our everyday cares slip away as the clothes come off.

And get this: Clothing-optional tourism is a $440-million-per-year industry, according to AANR, including everything from cruises, organized tours, and more than 250 resorts and clubs nationwide. Not surprising, there are twice as many male nudists as females, typically 35 years or older with a college education and a higher-than-average household income.

We're big fans of the naked swim, especially on deserted beaches we find throughout our travels, or even the classic "after dark in the hotel pool" skinny dip (also referred to as the "we've had too many rums at the hotel bar" skinny dip). But despite those youthful back to high school classics, we've yet to commit to a week of full frontal freedom at one of these nude resorts.

And maybe that's what prevents us from doing so, the fact that going to an organized place would seem to take all the fun out of the nudity. Consider this quote from Susan Weaver, AANR president: “The nudist lifestyle is all about enjoying oneself without the social or physical restrictions of clothing in a non-sexual environment of like-minded people. The point is to become comfortable with your body no matter what shape you’re in and to view it — tummy rolls and all — with acceptance.”

There's just something about the way it's presented that, despite the lack of clothing, sounds closed off and stuffy, a bunch of naked people pretending they're not naked. On some level, considering all the private opportunities to bare it all, we guess we're wondering why we'd want to pay for this experience when, as noted, we can indulge along the way on our own. Is the point to be naked, or to be around others who are naked who we promise not to judge or stare at? We're missing something here...

That said, the acceptance of different mindsets is a part of good travel, and we think we should experience it before we totally knock it. We'll put in on the list for when we're a little older, but in the meantime, chime in below to tell us why we might love it. For those that are in the scene, fill us in on why going to a nude resort is more fun than, say, posting up at a free nude beach or putting on a private show in your private quarters. We'd sure love to know!

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Archived Comments:

Many Nudist Resorts are lots of fun

Every single nudist club, resort, or park is unique. The one thing we do have in common is our guests enjoy relaxing wearing just our bathing suits. There is a difference between clubs that have members who go on weekends to relax and resorts such as ours, Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs California where couples from around the world go to vacation. You wrote, "we guess we're wondering why we'd want to pay for this experience when, as noted, we can indulge along the way on our own." Human are social beings. What is more fun, stay at home on vacation and playing solitaire by yourself or paying to go to Las Vegas with friends for a vacation. Sure you can be by yourself to watch the Super Bowl, or you can be at a fun party with football fans. That's the point of nude recreation, to be chat, laugh, and have fun with others who enjoy being nude. Jaunted,come take a vacation with us. The Los Angeles Times newspaper recently wrote a 2/3 page feature travel article about us saying we were the "common sense" place to stay in Palm Springs. Our pinterest site is here with lots of photos of our resort: http://pinterest.com/terracottainn

Nude Picture?

I'm sure some people will say I'm overreacting, but I don't think a general interest travel site should be using NSW (not safe for work) images on their home page. Although I'm currently self-employed, I used to work for a company where having the above image on your screen would be grounds for termination.


I have been going to nudist resorts for about 10 years now. I spend every weekend from May to Sept at one which is about 45 min away from my home. In response to your question as to why resorts are more fun than a private location, there are many reasons. To be nude in front of someone at these resorts opens you and the others to factors that a lot of us would not even consider if we were to see the drapes that we wear in public. You get to know the real person and their true personalities. With the clothes off, the real person comes out and this tends to make it easier to become friends. Other than the social reasons, there are usually many activities and events that bring people together at the resorts. There are numerous sports, games, hobbies, and activities that tend to bring in more people than on non event weekends. Coming to a resort, you also tend to become part of a family that all tend to help each other with the littlest things. Be it borrowing a power cord, being invited over to dinner, getting help with a repair, the list is endless. I could go on and on but going to a resort is a lot more fun and enjoyable than having your own private get together where you only have a few people.

Nudist Singles

I love spend my time at nudist resort. If you are looking to try something new, the clothes free lifestyle could be your answer to meeting true nudist friends. LocalNudistSingle com is the best choice for you! It's one of the original nudist dating sites for nudist singles and is still one of the best with a user friendly interface and a large membership base. Highly recommended.

Yes nudist resorts are fun

Nudist resorts are not stuffy, and nobody is pretending not to be naked - they're celebrating being naked! And that's a big part of why social nudism is better than hiding your nudity like some kid afraid of being caught, or needing the excuse of drinking too much to make it okay. It IS okay to enjoy the freedom of being in your own skin. To answer your question - the point is both to be naked AND to be around others who don't judge you by your appearance. So don't put it off until you are "older" (whatever that means.) You are totally right about one thing. You need to try it before knocking it. Just check with the American Association for Nude Recreation to find real nudist resorts and beaches to visit.

Re: Yes nudist resorts are fun

Good stuff! Question though: Can't we get this same experience at a free nude beach, as opposed to a pay-for resort? The reason we say to wait until we are older is because, as noted by the AANR, the age range tends to be a wealthy 35 and up, and we're not quite there yet. It's not that we can't get along with people outside our age group... we're just trying to make sure we go when it's the best fit for us.

Re: Nakations

I guess I just don't understand why you have to be naked to make friends and borrow power cords. I get that it's a connection -- that both parties have a love of nudity in common -- but you make it sound like we'd achieve world peace if we all took off our clothes (wouldn't that be a good short story?). Do you really feel like you are a different person when you are naked? I am asking very genuinely!

wakeandwander (which apparently exists)

Most people enjoy reading blogs and articles about travel assuming they are written by someone who knows what they are taking about.


I noticed that the original poster didn't repond to your question, so I thought I would. I personally don't feel a need to be naked to make friends or borrow a power cord, and I don't think I'm a different person. I like to be naked because as long as it's not too cold, I am more comfortable that way. I wouldn't be comfortable being naked around mostly clothed people. I find people who make a huge deal about how terrible nudity is to be immature and irrational. So it is nice to be around people who understand that nudity is not a big deal. But otherwise, I find nudists to be the same as anyone else.

Re: Rojo

That makes sense. Most people are so uptight about nudity, it's probably nice to be around those who don't see it as such.

Nudity becomes Invisible

I've traveled parts of the world and lived "elsewhere" for over a year. The biggest mistake people make is being shocked to REALLY see that we aren't all the same. We expect it, but are troubled when we find what we're not used to. It comes down to tunnel vision and thinking in a box. Here, I'm addressing the way Americans regard public nudity. Let's put this in PERSPECTIVE. Two hundred years ago, people considered it indecent and pornographic for women to bare their ankles. I remember the day when women were considered "loose" for having dresses showing their knees. TODAY we don't get aroused when seeing ankles and knees. We've adapted! Why is that hard to believe? Today, some people get aroused from the sight of bare butts on thong wearers; other people are disgusted. Some of us don't blink, stare or even notice. Total nudity is the same thing. We're already expected to know someone is female when we see long hair and a dress (although in reality, that could be a mistaken assumption.) So why are we not to just as okay with knowing the person beside us on a bus is female because we see her pubic zone? Think about it. The most difficult thing I've found in telling the typical American about the nudist culture is that it is NON-SEXUAL. We are indoctrinated to "know" that nude equals sex. I regard this as nothing short of bigotry. I'll always remember living in South Dakota in the 1970's, next door to an elderly Southerner who would stand in front of her house, grumbling curses as she gawked at a black guy a few doors down. She probably never lived long enough to ever realize that skin color could be invisible. Similarly, for more perspective, I had been in a new job for three months before my wife discovered my supervisor was black. She felt astounded that I had never mentioned it. The truth was, I almost didn't notice and I certainly DIDN'T CARE ENOUGH to mention it. There comes a point in the nudist culture when you simply don't notice or care anymore. Would you write home about seeing someone's ankles? No, because ankles are the same, whether on males or females. Same with bare butts. Seeing a penis or the lack of one is as relevant as seeing long hair or short hair on someone's head.