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Wish You Were Here: Chasing Down the Northern Lights in Norway

Where: Norway
January 13, 2014 at 9:42 AM | by | ()

Welcome to the week of the Northern Lights!

Scientists predicted that this would be one of the best viewing years thanks to the lights being on the positive end of an 11-year cycle. So, we're packing our arctic gear and headed for northern Norway to see if we can get ourselves a glimpse, specifically near the towns of Lofoten and Tromso.

This week, we'll take you through the process of tracking down the infamous light show, not only providing insight into our experience but also advice for how to pass the time. The Northern Lights can be quite fickle, so your search will most likely take a few days. And since you aren't going to go to Norway for only a day, we've got you covered on what to eat and drink while you wait.

Next week, after we've (hopefully) crossed the lights off our bucketlist, we'll dig a little deeper into Norway as a tourism destination. A trip to the Arctic Circle might not sound like a vacation, but we think you'll be surprised at just how cool it can be.

See what we did there? Stay tuned!

[Photo: Polar Light Center]

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