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How to Renew Your US Passport and Get Extra Pages for Free

January 8, 2014 at 3:08 PM | by | ()

Whether or not you made a New Year resolution, one thing every traveler should do this month is double-check the expiration date of passports. If you've got two or more years yet to go, then don't worry about it. If, however, that expiration is approaching, put renewal on your short list of things to do. After all, some countries require a passport to be valid for at least six more months before they'll issue a visa or even just stamp you into a country.

When renewing your US passport (assuming you already have one—if not get one now), there's a few steps to be completed, whether you opt for a regular or expedited turnaround time. You take a passport photo, you pay the $110 passport fee and you submit the completed forms with your previous passport. But wait just a second!

While filling out the renewal form, be sure to checkmark the option to receive a 52-page passport book "for those who frequently travel abroad," versus the standard 32 pager. No proof of frequent travel is required, and the option is available at no additional cost. That means FREE.

To have extra pages added to a standard passport now costs $82, so requesting the larger non-standard passport from the start is a no-brainer.

Then, when your shiny new passport arrives along with your old one (the latter pierced by a few holes to invalidate it), you'll not have to worry about all this again for many more years. Happy travels!

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