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Would You Brave This Ridiculously Terrifying Hike for a Cup of Tea?

Where: Mount Hua , Huayin, Shaanxi, China
January 10, 2014 at 11:27 AM | by | ()

Mount Hua, or Mount Huashan, in Shaanxi isn't exactly the tallest mountain in the world (about 7,000 ft), but it definitely houses one of the more "exciting" hikes we've come across in terms of climbs that have popular public trailheads.

There are various trails that lead to the top that require various levels of cajones courage, including incredibly steep staircases and the now-infamous "plank trail" you see in the photos. The daredevil trek takes you across a "boardwalk" and up a series of "ladders," ultimately ending at a Taoist teahouse. Man, that must be some good tea!

There are no official Chinese records for how many fatalities have occurred on the trail, but it has traditionally been considered pretty dangerous (one site estimates that about a 100 people a year fell to their death in the past). There's no question that one misstep or bad hold will result in a fatal fall, but user reviews on TripAdvisor say that the safety of the hike has greatly improved, including the introduction of harnesses in 2005.

Would we tackle this trail? Totally! But we'd definitely want the proper climbing equipment, including a harness and carabiners to clip in to the chain along the way. For those interested in seeing more, check out some of the clips from the climb on YouTube. And for those who are weak in the knees from just looking at these photos but really love tea, don't worry -- you can take a cable car to the top.

[Photo: Uqpu.net/Reddit]

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