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The Airbus A350 Shows Off with Special Paint

January 6, 2014 at 9:09 AM | by | ()

Last week another Airbus A350 XWB—that’s a mouthful—rolled off the assembly line, as the airplane manufacturer moves forward with the latest and greatest from its most recent line of jets.

This is airplane number three, and it’s designed for all the testing required before a plane like this can take to the skies packed with passengers. The folks over at Airbus refer to this one as MSN2, and what makes it a little more unique and design forward from its plane siblings is its paint-job. This one has a special livery to reflect the carbon-fiber composite materials that are utilized as part of the construction of the new bird.

The latest plane isn’t just a shell of a new airplane either, as this one has a full cabin interior too. Just don’t expect to catch a ride aboard one of these anytime soon. Airbus is happy with their latest milestone, and it sounds like they’re still on target to take these things into the skies by the end of 2014.

As of late last year there’s over 800 orders for the plane across three different varieties, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that things move according to schedule. Then maybe one lucky airline will score a brand new Airbus just in time for the holidays of 2014.

[Photo: Airbus]

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