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Air India Moves Forward with In-Flight WiFi Hopes and Dreams

Where: India
January 31, 2014 at 10:38 AM | by | ()

It’s time for some WiFi news, as another international carrier is jumping on the in-flight connectivity bandwagon. This week it’s Air India that’s getting ready to install wires, switches, and antennas in hopes of keeping passengers happy and logged on during their time up in the air.

Details are kind of limited at this point, but the carrier has announced that WiFi is coming to both their big planes and little planes—on both domestic and international journeys. Right now they’re still reviewing PowerPoint presentations and other sales pitches, but it does sound like Thales is just one of the companies in the running to install the WiFi bits and pieces.

They want to be the first carrier in India to offer something like this, and it sounds like they are eager to get things going as soon as possible. We’re thinking the end of 2014 could be a realistic goal—at least for the first few planes.

Pricing is still being figured out, but it will cost you something. They have already kind of stated that complimentary connectivity is not something they’re focusing on—so bring a credit card.

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