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One Down, 600 to Go as American Airlines Begins Repainting US Airways Planes

January 31, 2014 at 10:03 AM | by | ()

It’s official US Airways and American Airlines are merging into one big happy airline family. Okay—we knew this was happening, but this week was the first time that a US Airways plane was painted in the new livery and took to the skies.

An Airbus A319 is the first plane make the transition from US Airways to American Airlines, and it took off just the other day—Flight 2060—as it did its thing between Charlotte and New York-LaGuardia. Despite the new paint and new look this plane is still technically a US Airways bird, as US Airways will still technically operate these flights. That’s just how it works until both carriers begin to utilize the same operating certificate.

There’s a lot of work ahead, as just this one plane took almost two full weeks to complete its airline makeover—13 days to be exact. American Airlines shared some of the details, so now you know how to do something similar if you ever merge your airline with another. You need to remove the old paint, sand things down, and then give the thing a good airplane wash. Just be sure to buy the paint in bulk, as you’ll need 80 gallons to get the job done as well as plenty of masking tape.

The new livery has grown on us, and we think this first plane is looking great. American Airlines has a lot of work ahead of them to complete this paint project—there’s well over 600 planes that need the new look.

[Photos: American Airlines]

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