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Beer Drinking Onboard Southwest Airlines About to Get Better

January 30, 2014 at 9:58 AM | by | ()

Southwest will join Frontier and Alaska Airlines in offering craft beer aboard its flights when it begins serving New Belgium's Fat Tire this weekend. The price will be a reasonable $5, on par if not cheaper than what you'd pay in a bar on the ground (outside of the airport, of course).

This is obviously good news for beer drinkers, but it also speaks on a larger level about the growing supply capabilities of craft brewers. New Belgium is the third largest craft brewer in the States, and will have its hands full stocking the shelves of all 683 Southwest and AirTran planes. As it turns out, it's also another benefit of the craft beer canning movement. Because glass bottles are prohibited in-flight, a beer has to come in a can to be served at 30,000 ft.

Given that New Belgium's brewery is in Fort Collins about an hour north of Denver, we guess the only choice for Broncos fans flying this Super Bowl Sunday is whether to drink Fat Tire or Coors Light.

Hmmm... tough choice!

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