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Believe It or Not, Eastern Air Lines Wants to Fly Again

January 30, 2014 at 12:14 PM | by | ()

Every once in a while there’s a former airline that tries to make a go of it once again, and this year it looks like it's Eastern Air Lines. Technically they have nothing to do with the former carrier that folded in the early 1990s, but a new group has the rights to the name, intellectual property, and they’re even moving into part of the former headquarters down in Miami.

They have a website, they have some pictures, and they’re even eager to promote that they have an Airbus A319—we guess at least one of them—on order for delivery as soon of this year. So far the only real news out of the airline is their latest press release, as they revealed that they’ve gone ahead and filed some necessary paperwork with the Department of Transportation.

Next up is starting the needed certification and scoring the other credentials from the Federal Aviation Administration.

We can only imagine that the new Eastern will do its thing in and out of the Miami area to start, as that’s where they’ve set up shop. You can check out their website to see the suits behind the new venture, and then you can make your best guess as to whether or not they’ll hit the skies. We kind of have our doubts about things taking-off this year, but hey—we wish them the best.

[Photo: Wikimedia]

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