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Mark Your Calendar for Delta's Final DC-9 Flight

January 3, 2014 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

Just last month we were talking about the DC-10 making its last scheduled flight, and now this week there’s something similar happening with the DC-9.

Delta inherited a bunch of that type of plane during their merger with Northwest, and ever since the DC-9 has been busy doing its thing with the Delta logo and colors along its fuselage. Well now it’s time for things to come to an end, as Delta is sending the plane into the skies one last time.

The final flight of the DC-9 from a domestic carrier is now scheduled for January 6, as Delta looks to mark the end of an era. There’s still a few of these planes scattered across the globe, but when Delta stops flying them that will pretty much close the book on the story and life of these aircraft.

For those looking to climb aboard and hear the rear engines roar once last time look no further than Flight 2014 which is scheduled to depart Minneapolis/St. Paul for Atlanta at 4:20 pm, CST on January 6. The flight number does have some significance, as 2014 is the year in which the plane is to be retired from the fleet. The preceding flight number also has a little symbolism—DL1965—as it represents the year in which the DC-9s first took off with Delta. All in all Delta has flown a total of 305 DC-9s since 1965, so they are pretty familiar with the bird.

If you want to be on board there are still tickets left, as it looks like one-way tickets can be had for around $700. Unfortunately it appears that the First class cabin is already full, so you’ll be only hanging out in the back of the plane. There’s award tickets available as well, but it looks like things are pricing out pretty darn high. Add the fact that Delta doesn’t allow one-way awards as part of their SkyMiles program, and you’re pretty much better off just paying cash.

We’ve had our share of flights aboard Delta and the DC-9, so we wish the planes all the best. Let’s just hope they have a nice retirement under the sun out in the desert somewhere.

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