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Why Little Kids Will Love the New 'Beach' at Los Angeles International Airport

January 3, 2014 at 1:45 PM | by | ()

Those traveling with kiddos have a new airport option when it comes to finding fun stuff during a layover. As part of their renovation and revamp the folks over at Los Angeles International Airport have added a whole new spot for the kids to run wild.

The play area is just one aspect of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal. The new place is after security—perfect for connections—and roughly 1,000 square feet for little kids and big kids to burn off some energy before or after flights. The place is open for those between ages 2 and 8, and it’s created with a beach theme in mind. In fact they’re calling the place ‘LAX Beach.’

There are fake waves, surfboards, beach toys, and other goodies that help sell the beach-within-the-airport theme. Other goodies include a slide, an interactive light table, and lifesaving rings for the little ones to crawl right through.

However the best part might just be the nearby seats, as parents can take a break as well while keeping an eye on the kiddos. We just want to know how far away the nearest Starbucks—or airport bar—is, as we can only assume a beverage would make the supervision that much better.

[Photo: LAX/Facebook]

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