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Delta Does It Again with Totally Rad 1980s-Inspired Safety Video

January 30, 2014 at 2:51 PM | by | ()

We hate to ruin the surprise in advance of your next flight with Delta, but we have to tell you that the airline has another great safety video. We imagine that the holiday video from late last year has run its course, and this new one even features the updated rules and regulations about keeping those electronic doodads on and operating during takeoff and landing.

This time Delta is going back in the time machine, as they plan a visit—and a tribute—to all things 1980s. It looks like things were uploaded to YouTube just yesterday, and we’re hoping that things are also added into the seatback screen as soon as possible.

The 80s inspired music in the background features plenty of synthesizer and other retro beats, and of course everyone is sporting some great hairstyles. Teddy Ruxpin is there doing his thing before takeoff, there are plenty of legwarmers, and the passengers aboard the plane aren’t exactly sure what to do with that thing called WiFi.

There’s a couple of cameos by those who reached their fame during the decade, and while we don’t want to reveal all the treasures—there’s even an appearance by ALF. Just be sure to stick around to the end, as there’s also someone special wishing you a safe flight in the copilot seat.

Thanks Delta—you’ve done it again. Unfortunately, we’ve already watched the video a bunch, and we’re already hungry for your next version.

[Photo / Video: Delta]

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