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Delta DC-9s to Enjoy Retirement at Museums in Charlotte and Atlanta

January 28, 2014 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

It seems like just the other day that Delta’s final DC-9 flight took to the skies, and now the plane has already found a place to spend its retirement years. For those that are sad without DC-9s zipping across the sky here at home, you can now pay your old pal a visit at the aviation museum over in Charlotte.

One of Delta’s DC-9s is now a resident at the Carolinas Aviation Museum, and it will be doing its best to make friends with the other airplanes that call the place home. Another famous resident is the US Airways' Airbus that did the impossible during the “Miracle on the Hudson” incident.

It’ll be a few weeks before the plane becomes part of the permanent exhibition and is open up to visitors, but it’s nice to see that it will live on rather than being cut up for scrap.

It sounds like Delta donated the plane to the museum, and the airline also sent another over to Atlanta to be featured at its own museum nearby its headquarters. So if you are feeling sad and need a little DC-9 to get through the day, head to Charlotte or Atlanta to check one out.

[Photo: redlegsfan21]

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