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To Get a Passport Stamp in Monaco, You Have to Know Where to Look

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The tiny Principality of Monaco just so happens to be both the world's densest country and its richest. Long a favorite of the cruise crowd and wannabe James Bonds, it's more than just Grace Kelly and gilded yachts; Monaco is one destination that deserves a prominent place on your bucket list and all week we'll be sharing why.

Despite Monaco's tiny size and lack of an airport, it is still very much its own country and it'll stamp your passport to prove it. The only thing is, you've got to chase down that stamp if you want it, and trust us that you definitely do want it if you've gone to the trouble to set foot in this hamlet on the French Riviera.

There's no need to pass through immigration and customs upon entering the small state and, in fact, the transition from France to Monaco is so seamless you may not even realize you’ve arrived. Still, for the fun of it, Monaco offers at least two locations for passport stamping: at the tiny tourism office within the train station, Gare de Monaco-Monte Carlo, and at the main Office du Tourisme, a 2-minute walk up the street from the Casino and Hotel de Paris. There may also be an opportunity for a stamp at the Heliport in Fontvieille.

Don’t make our first-timer mistake of many years ago, when we visited Monaco on a Sunday afternoon and found the office closed. No passport stamp for that visit to the principality. For your reference, the main office details are:

Monday - Saturday: 9am - 7pm
Sunday and Holidays: 11am - 1pm
Address: 2 Boulevard des Moulins

The stamp is free, and of a lovely scarlet ink to match Monaco’s flag colors of red and white. No need to return for an exit stamp; one is enough and definitely worth showing off during passport brag sessions.

The main tourism office near the Casino and gardens

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