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Finally! An Infographic Explaining the Difference Between Gen X and Millennial Flyers

January 27, 2014 at 2:05 PM | by | ()

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Ever wondered how members of a certain generation prefer to travel? Well, wonder no more with Hipmunk's newest research project drawing differences between Generation X and Millennial travelers.

The search engine surveyed just over 3,000 travelers and returned with some interesting information on what 18-34 year olds (the age group that Hipmunk considers Millennials) and 35-56 year olds (Generation X) look for in a flight experience. After gathering the data, we would only expect a fun infographic as the outcome.

Some intriguing numbers have come from the survey, with 70% of the Millennials reporting they would sit next to the lavatory on a plane if they got a discount on their airfare, where just over half (54%) of Gen Xers would do the same.

Additionally, Gen Xers are willing to put a bit more planning into to their vacations with 59% of them planing more than 6 months out. Millennials are willing to be a tad more spontaneous, with 47% giving more than 6-months prep time. Here's all the data for your perusal.

Have your say! What do you think about this survey? We're not asking your age, but we are wondering if you align with your generation when it comes to these stats. Let us know in the comments below.

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Archived Comments:

Who came up with the ideas for questions?

I found the survey to be of questionable value. You can't stand during a flight! No one should be up and around during a flight anyway. You have to have a seat belt on in a car, so why would a plane be different? An open bar? You can get drinks right now on most flights, so why would a bar be an option? Again, the safety factor is critical---- and I don't want more drunken fools on my flights. Sitting next to the restroom is not a problem for most people, so why a discount? I do agree with the option of child-free flights. I would pay more for that and I am not a millenial. How about an all millenial flight???