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Yet Another Guidebook Alternative in Printable Custom Maps

January 23, 2014 at 1:50 PM | by | ()

City guides, maps, or whatever you want to call them can come in pretty handy as you make your way through a foreign land, and that’s especially the case when the WiFi or cellular connectivity is at a minimum. Jauntful is now arriving on the scene with exactly that, as they’ve got printable and shareable guides to your favorite spots across the globe. If their name sounds familiar it does to us as well; however, as far as we know there’s no connection to your pals over here at Jaunted.

It's just a preview as of now, but how it works is that you just start typing away your favorite restaurants, attractions, and other picks to check out. They’ll go ahead and start filling things out right on a map, and once you’re done it will be available for download and to share. You’ll be able to watch as your friends check-off spots they’ve visited based off your recommendations, so you can remind them to visit places they missed—or they can fill you in on experiences that really missed the mark. There’s the ability to add notes as well, so feel free to add it all the details and reminders that you just need to share.

It sounds like they’re inviting a few different users each and every day. Things have only been kicking around for a little more than a month, so we certainly understand that they’ve got some stuff to work through before opening it up to the masses. There are examples from Seattle, San Francisco, and Paris to check out right now, but without taking it for a full test drive we’ll hold out on giving a full review.

Things do seem to be geared towards sharing, as you’ll get an address where all of your maps and guides live online. We’re thinking if you’re really good at making picks and sharing spots that you might become a bit of a Jauntful celebrity, but who knows if there’s are badges or any other bits and pieces to document your online awesomeness.

We’ll keep our eyes on Jauntful, as it’s certainly a unique and fun idea—and it would certainly keep us organized when it comes out to see and when to see it.

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