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The 25 Greatest Celebrity Travel Aliases of All Time

January 23, 2014 at 12:05 PM | by | ()

Celebrities have to be creative when it comes to staying one step ahead of their fans and the paparazzi. This even extends right down to the name they use when booking a hotel, renting a yacht, or even reserving an entire island.

Here are 25 of the best celebrity aliases, ever:

Tom Cruise has often used the name Cage Hunt.

Usher pays homage to his favorite actor, Mr. Dinero.

Looking for Chris Rock? Try the name Slappy White.

Mila Kunis has been known to use the alias Senor Pants.

Comedian Ben Stiller likes to go by Clyde Tibenus.

Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler is also known as I.K. Malone.

Kate Beckinsale proves she has a sense of humor by checking-in as Sigourney Beaver.

Brad Pitt goes by Bryce Pilaf.

Of course that makes Angelina Jolie Jasmine Pilaf.

George Clooney has been known to use another celebrity's name, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jon Bon Jovi honors Marlon Brando by using the name of his most famous characters, Stanley Kowalski.

Paul McCartney has been known to go by Apollo C. Vermouth.

Is Jennifer Aniston throwing shade at her ex when she uses the name Mrs. Smith?

Marilyn Monroe, who was briefly married to Arthur Miller, also went by Faye Miller.

Fergie uses the name of her favorite movie character, Almost Famous' Penny Lane.

Kristen Stewart is Chuck Steak.

Lindsay Lohan has checked-in as Bella Lovelace, a tribute to porn star Linda Lovelace.

Johnny Depp like to use goofy names like Mr. Drip Noodle, Mr. Stench, and Mr. Oddpong, to throw of the folks at the front desk.

Justin Bieber shows his love for the TV show Friends by checking-in as Chandler Bing.

Justin Timberlake is Mr. Woodpond which begs the question, is Jessica Biel now Mrs. Woodpond?

Kim Kardashian has gone by Princess Jasmine, seriously.

Jay-Z shows respect for Ol' Blue Eyes by using the alias Frank Sinatra.

But, Beyonce would rather go by Ingrid Jackson.

Matt Damon once rented an entire Caribbean island under the name Mr. Naff.

Elton John might have the craziest fake name of all time - Sir Humphrey Handbag & Bobo Latrine.

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