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New Kayak Ad Deemed Offensive and Insensitive and Reprehe...Yawn

January 23, 2014 at 8:35 AM | by | ()

Kayak's newest 30 second spot is designed to highlight how it's much faster to search the aggregator site than to search multiple individual sites. This message in no way distinguishes the new ad from any other Kayak ad. The joke in the commercial is kind of wacky and surreal and designed to make minimal sense. These characteristics, again, are hallmark of Kayak's travel advertising.

So naturally people are outraged because, if you kind of tilt your head sideways and squint, you can take the video seriously and then it becomes a knock on old people who have trouble climbing up stairs. We'll spare you our usual "when did this happen; when did we collectively become such annoying whiny obnoxious little babies" rant, and instead go right into describing the video. We've also embedded it below if you want to take a look yourself.

The idea is that the son in the commercial has to spend all of his time searching for hotel purchases. That forces him to "commandeer" his mother's stair lift because he can't afford to lose a single second behind his laptop. But since he's using the stair lift, his poor aged mother has to climb the staircase, and that's difficult for her because she's really old. Insert rimshot here.

That's it. That's the whole thing. 30 seconds. And as AdWeek documents, viewers are outraged. How do people have this much energy, is what we want to know.

As AdWeek also notes, a series of Kayak commercials aired last year - which of course also emphasized how the site allows travelers to search more efficiently - were banned by British authorities for being insensitive to brain surgery patients. We covered the ads when they aired - our post and the videos are here - and, yeah listen.

People to put on their big kids pants. Come on.

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