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Flight Review: Cheap and Easy from Newark to Munich on United

Where: Munich, Germany
January 22, 2014 at 3:25 PM | by | ()

The flight: United 106 from Newark to Munich, Germany.

We're not huge United flyers and usually prefer to hop the later Lufthansa flight out to Munich, but the price for United was too good (under $500!) to pass up in this instance.

Seated all the way in the back—seat 38K—isn't bad at all for a tad over 7 hours to Europe. Heck, we've endured a less comfortable seat for non-stops to Asia, so we boarded the plane already with a sense of "this won't be bad at all." This is regular Economy, not even "Economy Plus," as United calls their premium economy option, offering a few inches more legroom for a hundred dollars or more.

What we liked

· Excellent in-flight entertainment on the seat-back touchscreen monitor. We napped for only a moment, because there were so many great movies on offer, and even some rarer BBC shows.
· The 2-3-2 configuration in Economy. This means better aisle access, a sliver more privacy, and a less claustrophobic feel in general.
· Orderly boarding at EWR, and an on-time departure and arrival to MUC.
· EconomyPlus seating only cost an extra $100. We didn’t take advantage of it, but the price is right for a couple extra inches of legroom.
· The flight attendants were warm, attentive, and professional.

What we didn't like

· The meal service was…less than cafeteria quality. Food came in the most flimsy plastic containers, which made picking up the dishes precarious. Flavors (we had chicken with rice and beef lasagna) were bland, and dessert was a generic sweet cake little larger than a postage stamp.
· Beverage service was meager with no full cans of soda given and cups of water filled only half-way.
· Temperature control is lacking. The seats have no vents above, and window seats were freezing cold.

Bottom line

Munich Airport is awesome. United's economy seats on the 767 on this route are pretty great. These things considered, if the price is right we say to go for it! We'd absolutely choose this over the standard rush of evening flights into Frankfurt, or any flight into Paris. The combination of comfy seat, great entertainment, and an arrival into an airport that offers plenty amenities means we'd happily fly it again.

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