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Frontier Gets In On The 'Omaha' Fun With Cheap One-Way Flights From Denver

January 21, 2014 at 8:52 AM | by | ()

If you watched this weekend’s conference championship game, or really any Denver Broncos game this year, you probably noticed some of Peyton Manning’s unique phrases and calls before the play. One of the most recognizable has to be how he shouts out “Omaha” as he changes the play to clue his offense into something we’ll never know (or perhaps he's just sharing his love for Nebraska).

Now Frontier is cashing in on the Omaha craze, as it's offering up some one-way airfare specials to and from the city. Sure, these flights won’t get you all the way over to New Jersey to celebrate this year’s big game, but at least they might help draw in a little bit of tourism cash to Omaha. We’ve been to the city, and we’ve got to say the area’s Old Market is definitely worth a visit—it’s pretty darn nice.

In honor of Super Bowl 48—even though they don’t reference that specifically—Frontier is offering up $48 one-way flights in and out of Denver. Of course Omaha is an option, but the carrier is also doing the cheap one-way thing to spots like Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Salt Lake City.

Be sure to book on the official site at flyfrontier.com if you’re interested, as Frontier is the carrier that kind of messes with stuff if you book elsewhere online (aka carry-on fees). You have until January 23 to hand over your credit card digits, and after that you just need to take to the skies before May 21. We’re sure this is just one of many, many big game promotions that will take place in the next two weeks before the main event.

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